EVENT PRICES vary depending on location. Check city of choice from the home page (city links on left side of home page).

All spectator tickets and competitor registration forms can be bought on the day of the show at the front gate. Visit   the link below to purchase your tickets in advance. Use promo code "IFO" to receive discounted   spectator admission and/or competitor registration (race or show):


For event status   info when the weather looks questionable, call the IFO phone line at 225-247-RACE (7223) or visit this link: check for updates the Saturday and Sunday morning before an event).  If an event is completely canceled after gates have opened, spectators can use their arm band for discounted or free entry (depending on what time of the day event is   canceled) into any future IFO.  If event is canceled before eliminations begin,   racers will receive free race admission into any future IFO.  If a race is   canceled after the first round of eliminations, payouts are split evenly with   those left in the competition.  Trophies for each class will go to the fastest   racer of the last round (*updated Feb, 2012).  Once gates have opened, there are no refunds.  This is standard policy for all outdoor events (motorsports or   baseball) not just IFO.  Do not come to an IFO event if you do not agree with   this policy.  If gates never open, complete refunds will be issued within 48   hours to all who purchased on-line tickets in advance.


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